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The Team
Bruce A. Lytle Bruce A. Lytle, P.E. is the president of Lytle Water Solutions. Mr. Lytle has specialized in both surface and ground water hydrology studies, with particular emphasis in the development of water supplies, mining hydrology and environmental studies. As part of this work, Mr. Lytle has vast experience with water rights and permitting issues related to water supply development. Mr. Lytle also has a comprehensive understanding of water quality concerns and environmental remediation of surface and ground water resources.
Paula C. Kelly Paula C. Kelly is the business manager of Lytle Water Solutions, with more than 25 years of experience in business administration services within the consulting industry. Ms. Kelly is a founding member of Lytle Water Solutions.
Gary L. Vanderslice Gary L. Vanderslice, P.G. is a senior project manager at LWS. Mr. Vanderslice has more than twenty-nine years of diversified project experience in conducting environmental, water resources, and geotechnical projects throughout the Unites States. This varied experience includes environmental due diligence assessments, numerous investigation and remediation projects for mines, power plants, agricultural properties, oil/gas extraction well fields; NPDES permit applications, a variety of geophysical modeling and mapping projects, as well as publication of numerous professional articles.
Joe V. Meigs Joe V. Meigs, P.G. is a senior project manager at LWS. Mr. Meigs' experience includes more than thirty-five years in the environmental, water resources and ground water engineering fields, as well as extensive experience in the mining industry, exploring for mineral and geothermal resources. Mr. Meigs' experience has involved the varied engineering and hydrogeologic aspects of ground water, water supply and development. Additionally, he has substantial experience in environmental consulting, focusing on the investigation and remediation of industrial, solid and hazardous waste problem sites.
Sophia Wolfenden Sophia Wolfenden is a Senior Hydrogeologist at LWS.  Ms. Wolfenden has extensive experience with development of finite difference and finite element ground water models, as well as surface water models. Ms. Wolfenden's experience also includes evaluating contaminant fate and transport in ground water systems, as well as experience with field data collection methodologies.
Mike Boubin Mike Boubin is a Senior Hydrogeologist at LWS and has over 25 years of experience in aquifer characterization, site assessment, remediation, and contaminant fate-and-transport modeling. He has extensive field experience providing consulting to private sector and government clients. His experience includes many complex sites with high regulatory and public interest. He has worked on groundwater resources projects throughout the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.
Chris Fehn Chris Fehn is a staff engineer at LWS and is a recent graduate of the Colorado School of Mines. Mr. Fehnís experience includes evaluation of surface water and ground water rights issues, use of MODFLOW and post-processing interfaces, and field observation of the drilling, completion, and testing of Denver Basin aquifer wells.
Ben Bader Ben Bader is a Staff Hydrogeologist at LWS. Mr. Bader has experience with stochastic surface water modeling involving reservoir diversions, ground water modeling with MODFLOW, including analysis of data and development of model input files, field studies, and work with Colorado water rights. Mr. Bader achieved a master's degree from Colorado School of Mines.
Andrew Van Deusen Andrew Van Deusen is a Field Engineer at LWS, a registered EIT, and is a recent graduate of the Colorado School of Mines. Mr. Van Deusen has experience in various surface and ground water modeling techniques, water rights valuations, and field observations of drilling, completion, and testing of Denver Basin aquifer wells.
Anna Elgqvist Anna Elgqvist, EIT, is a Field Engineer at LWS and a recent graduate of the Colorado School of Mines where she majored in Geological Engineering. Ms. Elgqvistís experience includes use of MODFLOW, model input files and field observation of drilling, completion and testing of Denver Basin aquifer wells, as well as water rights valuations.
Vickie Lytle Vickie Lytle is a senior technician at Lytle Water Solutions, primarily responsible for computer graphics and website design and management. Mrs. Lytle also provides general support for LWS engineering services.
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